Day 7: Weybourne to Cromer

The final stretch! Mixed emotions, for sure. But with having to be in Cromer for a fixed train, a slight sense of urgency. The first order of the day was getting back to Weybourne, this time not heading over the beach but up on to the cliffs. There is a lot of coastal erosion here, and a small group of houses looked precariously close to the edge.

Today also marks the only sustained climbs of the whole walk; there are two and they are both in the morning. After a week of walking along flat and straight paths, this new terrain can be greeted with a mixture of novelty and exhaustion. However, the one thing you do get is some lovely views. And you can see the sea!

Sherringham looks like a lovely little seaside town, but the schedule meant that it was only a wee break for us. Walking along the promenade was lovely though, so nice that I completely missed the turn we needed to make to head back up to the cliffs once again. It shows how easy the route is to follow: this was the only slight navigational issue all week. Well, there was another one a bit later too…

After lunch surrounded by flies, fairly predictable for this walk, we followed the guidebook in land for a final walk through a forest and then into Cromer. I thought it was a little strange that the walk didn’t follow the coastal path, but after a couple of checks of the book we were definitely following the route it suggested. It turns out that this is an old book! The route was updated in 2016 to follow the new coastal path, and the way we took had added a mile or so to the walk.

Cromer was really busy as we made our way to the pier. It was great to be there, a real sense of accomplishment. Well, it would be but the signage at the end of the walk is really poor. Because the coastal path now continues on past Cromer, there is no sign to say you’ve come to the end. It doesn’t really matter that much, but I do wonder what will happen to this trail when the England Coastal Path national trail opens in the couple of years.

Finally, it’s a long way back to Birmingham from Cromer!!