Day 9: Reeth to Richmond

Reeth to Richmond is the easiest day on the whole Coast to Coast walk. It’s just a short stretch across farm and woodland, before arriving in Richmond in time for lunch. Richmond is by far the largest town you pass, and so arriving early provides a fantastic opportunity to look around the sights. There are waterfalls to look at, castles to explore and a whole range of options for food and drink.

Richmond Castle is famous for being a prison used to hold conscientious objectors during the First World War. People from the all over the north of England were held in the castle, before during shipped off to the frontline against their will. There are displays of graffiti from the cells where people were kept, mostly talking about the reasons why there didn’t want to fight. Many of these people never came back home again.

After a week of pub food, I treated myself to a lovely Italian meal and some locally brewed ale. Tomorrow marks the longest day on the Coast to Coast, so I thought it best to build up my energy levels before embarking on the next stage of my journey.

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