Day 4: Grasmere to Patterdale

The following morning, sat having breakfast in the hotel, I was on the verge of quitting. This was tougher than I had thought it was be. Things were still fucking damp! My feet, and lots of other parts, were now pretty sore. It was tempting easy to get back to Birmingham from Grasmere. In the end, I convinced myself that I would give it one more day. If the walk to Patterdale was as challenging as the previous two days, then I was going home.

The walk was easy, and probably the best day on the whole trip. The weather was gorgeous, and the climb by from Grasmere to Grisdale Tarn was straightforward. I had a lovely lunch from Co Op, and the path down to Patterdale was the simplest descent so far. I made such good progress that I got into Patterdale at just after 2pm. Fantastic.

I was booked to stay in another youth hostel, but I chanced my arm at the Patterdale Hotel. I got the last room available, really cheaply, which include a lovely three course meal in the evening. I was practically skipping down the road to the youth hostel to suitcase from the youth hostel. It was ghost town there – I just walked into reception, saw my case and walked out with it without speaking to anyone. I was also able to visit the famous Patterdale Store, which was the first shop to stock Wainwrights guides. The place is a treasure trove for all things Coast to Coast related. I managed to replace everything that had been ruined by the rain on the second day. I got some lovely, sugary goodies. And a triple scoop of ice cream.

The only downside was that, for the first time, I didn’t bump into Kevin today. I knew that he was only walking as far as Patterdale, and so it was time to meet some new faces.

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