Day 3: Borrowdale to Grasmere

Youth hostels are not the type of place you lie in for a lazy morning, and so I was up and out nice and early. The climb out the Borrowdale valley was easy enough. The only issue was that due to the heavy rain the day before, all the small trickles one normally hops across were now full on waterfalls. I found crossing a couple of the wider ones quite challenging, and ended up inadvertently getting my feet soaked. Normally I carry spare socks, but these had got drenched the day before (in my bag) and I had neglected to replace them. This was lead to my getting a couple of blisters that would be my constant companions for the rest of the walk.

Once on the ridge, I met up with a group of three ladies that I had met for the first time the day before as I was trying to put on my waterproof trousers in a gale. About half an hour later, at the start of the walk into Grasmere, we bumped into Kevin! The gang was back together. The walk into Grasmere involved crossing several large streams, all swollen by the rain. It was good walking as part of a group, as we were able to combine our thoughts on the best crossing points.

On the final walk into Grasmere, there was an ice cream stall. Even though I was wet and cold, I thought it would be rude not to get a double scoop of mint choc chip.

Grasmere, and dry socks, was so welcome. Cold beer and lots of food! And also an opportunity to try and dry my boots out a little bit. I mean, Grasmere has a Co Op! Bliss! However, as they didn’t sell newspapers, I ended up squishing two whole rolls of kitchen towel down my boots. The real saving grace was my suitcase; delivered everyday to where I was staying by Sherpa Van. It didn’t matter what state of dishevelment I arrived at my destination, my lovely suitcase was always where waiting for me.

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