Day 13: Egton Bridge to Robin Hood’s Bay


Bittersweet: the final day of a 13 day walking adventure. When you reach Robin Hoods Bay, there is nowhere else to go; no next destination. It is a kind of empty happiness. You are pleased and relieved to have made it, but also exhausted and faced with the reality of exiting the Coast to Coast bubble and heading back to normal life.

The first call in the morning was Grosmont, which I didn’t have the energy to visit yesterday. I wanted to go because some of the outside shots from the TV show Heartbeat were filmed here, especially focusing around the village pub. I’ve fond memories of watching this on a Friday night with my Mum, and so didn’t really mind going a little out of my way to snap a few photos.

This is by no means an easy day. It actually has one of the steepest climbs on the whole walk, fortunately this only lasts about 10 minutes or so. There is also a lot of variety, dropping down from the moor top to Littlebeck village and then through North Riding Forest Park, before climbing again and one final moorland stretch.

The feeling when you get to the cliffs by Hawsker is a mixture of tiredness and happiness. To by standing next to the sea again, after nearly two weeks, fills you with a sense of completion. There isn’t any further you can go. Well, there is, because to get to Robin Hoods Bay you need to do a three mile walk around the tops of the cliffs. This was a long slog, in what has become an incredibly hot afternoon.

Robin Hoods Bay was so busy and the roads were so steep at the end, that is felt like a bit of an anti-climax. For me, the real highlight of the final day was arriving at the North Sea. Also, I really like St Bees and I would go back there just to visit. I have no inclination to go back to Robin Hoods Bay. It just felt a bit mucky to me.

I did cheat slightly throughout the walk, and left my stone from St Bees in my suitcase. Unfortunately, this meant that I didn’t actually have it with me when I reached the end. I did intend to go back down the front after visiting the B&B and getting the stone, but the slopes were steep and my feet were sore by this stage. So I still have the stone from St Bees.

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